Partnering with exceptional entrepreneurs

When we invested in our first search fund in 1992, the vehicle was a novel approach to investment built upon the partnerships among exceptional entrepreneurs, mentors, advisors, and board members. We believe that entrepreneurs benefit from distilling the perspectives of many voices, but searches should be entrepreneur-led. That means the entrepreneurs are the single largest shareholders and determine their own outcomes.




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Our Experience

Unparalleled Combination of Skills with Differentiated Expertise

Years of Search investing
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Why Partner with Us

  • Experienced

    Over our 30 years of search investing experience, we screened thousands of potential investments. We know how to work with first time CEO’s and how to create value in small businesses.

  • Flexible

    We focus on the entrepreneur’s goal and search. Our long-term view and flexible investment mandate help support our entrepreneurs spirit and passion.

  • Helpful and responsive

    No one appreciates waiting weeks for an email response from their investors. We limit our commitments and number of backed searchers so we can be available and helpful to our searchers.

  • Collaborative

    Search is a lonely endeavor and we believe in the partnership model to help searchers find businesses. Whether iterating on industry theses or thinking through growth strategy, we believe more diverse opinions lead to better outcomes.

  • Creative

    We know buying a business is tricky and there are many competitors. We help entrepreneurs think about unique deal structures and industry theses that succeed in a crowded field.

  • Dedicated capital

    We invest capital from our own balance sheet with funds that can be deployed quickly. We can fill equity gaps above our pro rata if needed



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What we look for

Our Calling Is to Help Business Builders Succeed

Industries of Interest

  • Search fund favorites
    • SaaS
    • Technology-enabled services
    • Business Services
  • Searchers’ choice

    We consider investments wherever searchers have differential insight and experience, including non-traditional business models for search. Recent example include:

    • Franchisor
    • Water treatment and services holding company
    • Manufacturer
    • Cybersecurity services consolidator
    • Insurance Carrier

Average Search Investment

  • Ranges from $500K to $10M
  • Most often in $1M to $3M range

Types of Investment

  • Traditional search capital
  • Acquisition gaps




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For more information

515 S. Figueroa St. Suite 650 Los Angeles, CA 90071

P: 213-622-0066


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