Michael F. O’Connell

Managing Partner


Michael F. O’Connell is Managing Partner and President of M2O. He oversees the assessment of investment opportunities and reviews the ongoing performance of portfolio companies. For most of his career, Michael was President and Managing Director of Anhalt, O’Connell & Steffanci Inc., a Los Angeles-based investment management firm with almost $1 billion under management.

In 1992, Michael purchased the National Lines Bureau, a ship mooring company operating at the Los Angeles and Long Beach harbors, the largest commercial port in America. This direct investment prompted many more and Michael soon shifted his focus from investment management to private equity and venture capital. Today, he leads M2O with a portfolio of more than 60 companies and sits on the boards of Veri-Tax, TruMed and Xiltrix.

Michael holds a B.A., with high honors, from Harvard College and an MBA from Harvard Business School.