About M2O

We Invest Primarily in Asset Light, High-Growth Business

“It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.”

~ Benjamin Franklin



Our History

M2O took a hands-on approach to its first investment, directly managing the National Lines Bureau for five years. During that period, the company’s operations were improved and streamlined, generating a 100% return on invested capital annually by the time of its sale in 1997. M2O invested in its first search fund in 1992, the same year it was founded. At the time, a search fund was a novel and ambitious concept hatched by a small group of business school professors, students, and private investors. Over time, search funds became the foundation of M2O’s investment activities.

We have invested in over 170 search funds around the world and now evaluate dozens of new search fund investments annually. Our experiences with National Lines Bureau and search funds led to additional investments in small, high-growth private companies. Unlike traditional private equity or venture capital groups, our investment horizon is often 10 years or more. Consequently, we develop lasting relationships with the companies—and managers—in which we invest.


our philosophy

We Strive to Work With Founders and Executives Who Share the Same Values


Long-term approach with flexible investment horizons



We believe in a variety of viewpoints and multiple ways to solve problems



We meet founders and entrepreneurs where they are. We work together to grow businesses



Thoughtful decision making done quickly



Recognizing past success is not a predictor of future outcome, we are eager to learn and listen



Willing to consider creative ways to achieve shared success


our team

Lasting Partnerships With Executives That Span Multiple Companies and Industries

Michael F. O’Connell
Managing Partner
Michael F. O’Connell is Managing Partner and President of M2O. He oversees the assessment of investment opportunities and reviews the ongoing performance of portfolio companies.Read more...
M-K O’Connell
Michael-Kevin (M-K) O’Connell joined M2O in 2009. He is responsible for sourcing and reviewing new investment opportunities as well as monitoring the performance of portfolio companies.Read more...
Shaun Rader
Shaun Rader joined M2O in 2019. He sources and executes new investments and collaborates with portfolio company management teams. Shaun serves on the boards of five search fund companies (Helpside, P&S Machining, Swoogo, and more)Read more...
Nicholas Qiu
Nicholas (Nick) Qiu joined M2O in 2022. He works closely with search fund entrepreneurs throughout their search, acquisition, and operating phases.Read more...
Anna Zhang
Vice President of Accounting
Anna Zhang joined M2O in 2023. She oversees the accounting, financial, and tax reporting for M2O.Read more...
Rebecca Krause
Exec Assistant to President
Rebecca Krause joined M2O in 2019. She is responsible for ensuring the efficiency of daily operations, supporting the executive team in all administrative matters, and assisting the company’s business development efforts. Read more...
Matthew Rios
Management Assistant
Matthew Rios joined M2O in 2023. He provides administrative support to the investment team and assists in the internal operations at the firm.  Read more...